Current setups

Interested to hear in current set-ups out their for scaling WordPress.

Architecture, traffic/data figures, server specs/software, caching, plugins / custom development, pricing all welcomed!

From one of our enterprise set-ups (all in the Rackspace Cloud):

  • 2x Red Hat Linux (web) servers
  • 1x Red Hat Linux (db) server
  • 1x Load Balancer

Web Server Spec
1,024MB RAM
40GB Disk

DB Server Spec
2,048MB RAM
80GB Disk

Total monthly cost aprox: £160
[You could lower this cost further by loosing the Red Hat license fees]

We wrote a custom plugin to allow the media library to upload direct into Rackspace Cloud Files, improving loading times through CDN, and solving the problem of sharing files between servers We also serve as many of the static theme files as possible from the Rackspace CDN.

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Rackspace link (without our partner tracking):